Message from School Captain

Message from School Captain

It is without equivocation when I say that Loreto Normanhurst is a truly magical place.

It is now difficult to remember a time when I wasn’t a ‘Normo Girl’ and I believe that this remarkable school has truly shaped me into the emergent, confident woman I am today.

Looking back at the past five years I have spent within the vibrant halls of Loreto, I have come to appreciate the sense of enthusiasm with which students approach all aspects of school life. Each day seems to bring a new opportunity, a classroom filled with animated discussion, friendly classmates and a chance to learn and collaborate in a school that fosters a love of life-long learning.

Each student is a valued part of Loreto life, her house community and tutor group, therefore making it difficult to escape a day at Loreto without receiving a cheerful hello and smile. Guided by the Mary Ward values, each student is called to act with a unique and cheerful heart whilst striving to be her best self and pursue her dreams, whether it be in the classroom, on the sporting field, in the drama space, amongst the musical groups or in another area the school offers.

Evident through present and past students, the 400-year-old Loreto tradition has accurately proven that “women in time to come will do much”. Loreto Normanhurst is a school we are all noticeably delighted to belong.

It is impossible to measure my gratitude for being able to share the experience of such a place with my friends and for the benefits it has provided me; but I hope this website gives you a glimpse into our beautiful second home, Loreto Normanhurst.

Annie Clarke