Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment

As a school we seek to nurture the different gifts that all students bring to our community and to encourage each student to fulfill her academic and personal potential in an atmosphere of freedom care and respect. We recognize that some students have special needs – either because they are gifted or have specific learning needs – which require provisions beyond those readily available in the regular classrooms. To provide for the needs of these very different students the school relies heavily on the support of the Learning Enrichment Faculty.

The Faculty provides learning experiences additional and complementary to those in the regular classroom.  The school works with parents and students to emphasise the importance of acknowledging the need of support, accepting an adjusted curriculum where necessary and developing personal responsibility. 

The Saunders Program

The Saunders program, for students of high academic potential in Years 7 and 8, provides a rich, varied and relevant set of enrichment experiences. It is delivered by Learning Enrichment staff. The name of the program comes from SrMaureen Saunders IBVM. Sr Maureen was Principal of Loreto Normanhurst from 1976-1981.

Future Problem Solving

Future Problem Solving is a multi-disciplinary creative problem solving activity which requires students in a team of four to consider major issues in a futuristic context. Other aspects of the program are: Community Problem Solving which looks at real problems of today; and Scenario Writing, where students write a short story set at least twenty years into the future. FPS is both a national and international organisation.

University Short Courses

Senior students are offered the opportunity to study a course at either Macquarie University or The University of Sydney.  Students spend time either after school or in their holidays participating in the exciting programs. The universities give the students credit towards a later degree.

Academic Support

This is offered to students through a number of programs. In Years 7 and Year 8 the emphasis is on general literacy skills; in Year 9 and Year 10 students reduce an elective and work instead in a small group to receive assistance with general assignments; In Year 11 they receive support through the Fundamentals of English course and in Year 12 Senior Study Skills, is tailored to suit individual needs.

Homework Help

The promotion of independent learning, good study practices, and availability of expert help with homework are important elements of academic pastoral care at Loreto Normanhurst. All students have access to independent homework help through a dedicated team of teachers who are available most mornings and afternoons to work with individual students.

This assistance may take the form of organizational assistance, proof reading an assignment, assistance in identifying appropriate sources, or in the management of several tasks over a longer time period.

Additionally boarding school students have dedicated teachers who provide assistance in small groups when students are in study periods of an evening.