Far North Queensland Experience

Far North Queensland Experience

Each year, Year 9 students engage in an Outreach experience to Far North Queensland. Year 9 was chosen for this experience for a number of reasons:

  • It is a time of increasing awareness by these students of structural inequality in society, in particular the need for Reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. 
  • It is a time when they are trying to become more independent and the Outreach experience fosters this independence in a safe environment. 
  • It provides students with a community service experience, strongly supported by teachers, so that in Year 10 and beyond students can continue this experience in their own time. 
  • The physical environment of FNQ is largely classified World Heritage and allows students to appreciate the glory of Creation and to find a place of prayer and reflection.

Over the course of the two weeks in Far North Queensland, students have the opportunity to engage with a number of Indigenous communities. Through these experiences they develop a shared understanding of the injustice indigenous people have faced in the past and the issues they must confront in the present. After the experience the students will understand their responsibilities for the future.

The Far North Queensland Experience is a much-anticipated and life-changing experience for the students and staff who attend each year.  The Year 9 students have a wonderful time exploring learning outdoors in a very different context to the everyday, where they can grow as a whole person.

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