Professional Development

Professional Development

Professional learning at Loreto Normanhurst is led by the Director of Professional Learning and the Professional Learning Team which comprises the Director of Professional Learning, the Accreditation and Training Coordinator and the Mentor and Career Development Coordinator.

The school provides a diverse range of professional learning opportunities and staff services, including programs to strengthen staff understanding of the Loreto charism, Annual Staff Development Days, Induction and Mentor Programs, and Networks for Young and Beginning Teachers and New Leaders.

Opportunities are available to all staff members and includes:

Individual and Department Professional Learning Experiences

Includes a wide variety of conferences, workshops, courses and networks off-site as well as in-house and online experiences.

Induction Program for New Staff

A two-day Induction Intensive is held in January each year.  For all staff commencing after January, the Human Resources Department coordinates and supports their ongoing induction.

Annual Staff Professional Learning Days

Four Staff Professional Learning Days are held during the course of the year and one Staff Retreat Day is held mid-year.  In addition to these Professional Learning Days, teaching and boarding staff undertake two faculty days in non-term time.

Staff Scholarship

Staff are encouraged to apply for the annual staff scholarship for study and research.

Beginning Teachers’ Network

This network supports staff beginning their teaching career.

Staff Formation

These sessions are designed to develop and strengthen staff understanding of the Loreto charism and its impact on us as members of the Loreto Normanhurst community.

Proficient Teacher and Experienced Teacher Networks

These Networks support teachers undertaking these accreditation processes. 

Professional Learning Communities at Loreto Normanhurst

The Professional Learning team facilitates the formation and ongoing activities for groups with a wide variety of focus areas in keeping with the school’s strategic vision.

Pop-up PD

The Professional Learning team organises other professional development experiences for the specific needs of individuals or groups as required which aligns with the school’s strategic vision.