Parking Information

Parking Information

Parking in and around Loreto Normanhurst

Loreto Normanhurst shares its boundaries with residents in Pennant Hills Road, Osborn Road and Mt Pleasant Avenue.

Staff, Year 12 students and visitors are expected to park onsite where space is available.

Student drop-offs and pick-ups are to take place in the Slip Road on the Osborn Road side of the school, or in the Oval Carpark. All Bus arrivals and departures will be from the Slip Road or the Oval Carpark.

The internal carparks are designated as follows:

  • Administration Carpark: Access via Gate O1
  • Boarding School Carpark: Access via Gate PH1
  • Pennant Hills Road Carpark: Access via Gate PH1 or Gate O1
  • Teresa Ball Carpark: Access via Gate MP1
  • Oval Carpark: Access via Gate O4
  • Oval Event parking: Access via Gate O4 or gate opposite 61 Mt Pleasant Avenue.


Onsite Parking


  • Staff Parking: Administration Carpark, Boarding School Carpark, the Teresa Ball Carpark and the Oval Carpark
  • Visitor Parking: Designated visitor spaces in the Administration Carpark, or the Oval Carpark
  • Senior students: Students with permission to drive to School are required to park in the Pennant Hills Road Carpark (enter via Gate 2 and drive around the outside of the Administration Carpark). No students should be parking in surrounding streets.


All internal carparks with the exception of the Boarding School Carpark which is used by Boarding staff on a 24/7 basis.


Offsite Parking

Avoid parking in Osborn Road as it is narrow and carries a significant volume of traffic. Currawong Avenue should also be avoided as it is very narrow, and whilst it is legal to park on both sides, doing so restricts access significantly. Mt. Pleasant Avenue has more parking spaces and also has a wide verge on the western side which can accommodate multiple vehicles.


Major Events

  • The Oval is used for additional parking during major events.
  • Access to the Oval is via Gate O4 in Osborn Road or the emergency gate opposite 61 Mt. Pleasant Avenue.
  • During major events the School provides staff to direct drivers safely to the appropriate areas once they enter the grounds.
  • In the event of the Oval becoming impassable due to weather conditions, internal carparks and surrounding streets are used for parking.
  • Loreto Normanhurst notifies Hornsby Police and the Hornsby Council Traffic Rangers when the School holds major events
  • The School also does a letterbox drop in Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Osborn Road and Currawong Avenue prior to any major event to inform neighbours that there will be increased traffic in and around the School on a particular day.

Click here to view a map that shows a plan of the School grounds with entry points for parking and foot traffic included.