Message from the School Captain

Message from the School Captain

I clearly remember my first day at Loreto Normanhurst walking through the heritage gates at the front of the school in a new dress that was slightly too long and wearing a new hat that felt a little bit funny on my head. I was incredibly excited to be coming to a school that I had read about and experienced a little of at Orientation Day, but I was also nervous of a big school where I hardly knew anyone.

However, in my first few moments as an official student at Loreto Normanhurst, I sensed that there was something special about being a Loreto girl, a Normo girl. And there is.

Over my time at Normo, I have tried things I didn’t think I would be good at, but worked out I wasn’t so bad at them after all. I also thought I’d be good at a few things and quickly realised that there are girls who are just as good, if not better at the same things. What this has taught me is to give new things a go and to keep trying as you work out what interests you. At Normo we are encouraged to take these risks.

I don’t know what I’ll remember most about my time at Normo as there are so many wonderful things. Perhaps genuine conversations with my tutor, or the teachers who care so much about our learning and wellbeing, or engaging with advocates for refugees and activists for climate change, or maybe it will be chatting to my peers in the line to the bubbler, dancing in the Quad at Wednesday Long Recess, singing the song that is the bell for the week or birthday wishes during morning announcements.

What I do know is that as Normo girls, we experience a community that is special in its sincerity, joy and support for each other. 

On the day that I leave the gates of Loreto Normanhurst for the last time, wearing a dress where the hem has been taken down a couple of times and a hat that feels just right on my head, I won’t know the opportunities and challenges I will experience in the world as an adult, but I do know that my time at Normo will stay with me forever – ‘once a Loreto girl, always a Loreto girl’.

Evie O’Brien