Message from the School Captain

Message from the School Captain

It doesn’t feel like long ago that my parents first told me I would be coming to Loreto Normanhurst. At the time I was ecstatic with joy, but I never could have anticipated just how incredible the next six years of my life would be.

Ever since I walked into the school with my polished shoes and bright blue blazer, I could sense the incredible Loreto spirit. It wasn’t long before my Year 12 buddy had taken me under her wing, and I had found a second family in my Tutor Group and House.  Since then, the friendships that I have formed have given me the confidence to challenge myself in all aspects of my schooling.

What makes our beloved ‘Normo’ so special is not necessarily the opportunities that we are given, but the encouragement to try these opportunities. Being a Loreto girl is not about being perfect, but about leaping out of your comfort zone, supported by your peers and teachers the entire way.

Our teachers not only passionately devote their time to help us achieve our academic goals, but more importantly equip us with skills that will extend far beyond the HSC.  They encourage us to be leaders of today; academically, in our faith, in our extra-curricular pursuits and in our broader school community.

When I leave Loreto, I will remember the undeniable spirit and sense of community, displayed in the fiercely competitive inter-house competitions, at dancing in the quad, or at the much anticipated Music Festival, all of which will be memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.

If I could give one message to my Year 5 self who just found out she would be coming to Loreto, I would tell her to get excited, for Normo truly is “such an exciting place to be.”


Phillipa Studdert