Loreto Normanhurst endeavours to achieve an exemplary level of governance which is informed by discernment and discussion of issues underpinned by the school’s values.

When exercising good governance, the school is informed by various policies that are both mandated by external bodies and follows the school’s ongoing development of internal best practice.  Below is a selection of the school’s many policies.



Loreto Normanhurst promotes the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children.

All students enrolled at Loreto Normanhurst have the right to feel safe and to be safe. The wellbeing of the children in our care will always be our priority and we do not and will not tolerate child abuse.

The Principal, the School Board and school leaders at Loreto Normanhurst recognise their responsibility to ensure the development of preventative and proactive strategies that promote a culture of openness, awareness of and shared responsibility for child safety. As a Catholic school in the Loreto tradition, we have a mission-driven, moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for children and young people and to protect them from all forms of abuse and neglect. We are steadfast in our resolve to honour this responsibility and promote the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children and young people.

We aim to create a child-safe and child-friendly environment where children are free to enjoy life to the full without any concern for their safety. Particular attention is paid to the most vulnerable children, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and children with a disability.

Loreto Normanhurst has its own professional standards procedures and policies that operate to promote the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children enrolled at Loreto Normanhurst. When children are involved, NSW has mandatory reporting provisions to the police or relevant state authority. 

If anyone wishes to bring a complaint of abuse against any past or present Loreto Sister, staff member or volunteer at the School, they may do so in any of the following ways:

  1. If you believe that a crime has been committed, report a non-urgent crime to the police – NSW Police Sexual Crimes Unit on 132 111. For emergency assistance, call 000.
  2. Contact the office of the Professional Standards Resource Group (established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes) for NSW/ACT on 1300 369 977. 
  3. Contact the Principal on 02 9487 3488.
  4. Contact the Professional Standards Officer for Loreto Australia and South East Asia Province (Mr Simon Davies) on (03) 9378 8516 or email info@safeguardingservices.com.au 

Find out more information about the Loreto Australia and South East Asia Province Commitment to Child Safety 

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