Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Over the course of 2015 an extensive consultation program was undertaken with staff, students, parents and ex-students to understand where Loreto Normanhurst is strategically positioned, now and  for the future.

The strategic planning process commenced with a weekend workshop with participation
from the School Leadership and Deans Teams, School Council and other community members. The workshop explored a range of future trends likely to impact Loreto Normanhurst over the next five  to ten years. There are many external influences that will impact Loreto Normanhurst, and they come  in different forms and effect, some we can control and others we cannot.

We acknowledge that change will continue, presenting our school with opportunities and sometimes  challenges, testing us on many fronts. Our strategic plan must ensure we are equipped to respond to  any change.

Conversations were also held with staff, students and parents. A common feature throughout these  discussions was the expression of respect and love for the Loreto Normanhurst community and a great  depth of understanding and appreciation for the school’s values and mission and confidence in the  holistic path taken thus far.

This document identifies three strategic pathways for Loreto Normanhurst.

Over the coming years the Leadership Team will work with staff, and the School Council to develop  implementation plans that address these pathways in a responsible and sustainable manner. We will  all have a role to play and we look forward to continuing our work together.

Our plan will be a dynamic document, evaluated and evolving during its life.

As a school community, we remain committed to delivering our mission in the spirit of Mary Ward.



Ms Marina Ugonotti

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