Boarding Scholarships

Boarding Scholarships

Boarding Scholarships

Loreto Normanhurst was established in 1897 to provide a Loreto education for country girls. Over 120 years on, we are still committed to providing an excellent holistic education for girls in regional, rural and remote areas, as well as girls from the Sydney basin.

We welcome both city and country families who are seeking a boarding experience to apply for a Boarding Scholarship for girls in Years 7-10   2022 and beyond.

These Scholarships are means-tested and are available to new Loreto Normanhurst students. The Scholarships provide a wonderful opportunity for students who may not otherwise be able to join Loreto Normanhurst.

Applications for Boarding Scholarships must be submitted by the end of February in the year prior to your desired start date.

To apply

Please follow the process in the table below for  a Boarding Scholarship Application.

Step one:

An Application for Enrolment Form must be submitted with your Scholarship Application.

Families will need to be prepared to progress through the Enrolment Process which is outlined here and will need to meet the enrolment criteria of the School. (Families who have already submitted an Enrolment Form do not need to submit it again.)

Please download and print the forms below.

Enrolment Guidelines

Enrolment Form

Family Reference Form

step two:

Please download and print the  Boarding Scholarship Application Form. 

Boarding Scholarship Application Form

step three:

Complete all forms and collate all supporting financial documentation as required. 

step four:

Download and print the Scholarship Application Checklist. Please refer to the items on the checklist, and ensure that all required information and documentation have been completed and are attached.

step five:

Please scan and email the completed application, marked ‘Confidential’, to Mrs Odette Perkins, Head of Enrolments, at

For enquiries, contact Mrs Odette Perkins, Head of Enrolments, at or on 02 9473 7300.


Please note, the School has places available for families in need, offering bursaries to families in necessitous circumstances, including indigenous families. Please contact the Enrolments Team for more information.


Does my daughter have to be enrolled at Loreto Normanhurst to apply?

Yes. Families who apply for a Boarding Scholarship will need to have submitted, or submit at time of application, an Application for Enrolment Form, and be prepared to progress through the enrolment process outlined here.  

I have been offered a place at Loreto Normanhurst for my daughter  and haven’t yet accepted. Can I apply for a Boarding Scholarship?


When can I apply for a Boarding Scholarship?

Applications for Boarding Scholarships must be submitted by the end of February in the year prior to your desired start date.

What does a Boarding Scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers full boarding fees only for up to six years (from Years 7-12). It does not cover textbooks, uniforms, excursions, technology fees, individual subject fees or tuition fees.

How long does a Boarding Scholarship last?

Boarding Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and submissions will be reviewed annually to ensure they continue to meet the Boarding Scholarship criteria.

I have more than one daughter. Can I apply for more than one Boarding Scholarship?

Generally, only one Boarding Scholarship will be awarded per family; however, we accept applications for siblings with applications reviewed on a case by case basis.

If my Boarding Scholarship and Enrolment Applications are successful, will I be required to pay the Enrolment fee?

Yes. You will be required to pay the non-refundable application fee of $330 and the non-refundable enrolment fee of $3000 to confirm your daughter’s place at Loreto Normanhurst.

How many Boarding Scholarships will be offered?

A limited number of Boarding Scholarships will be offered at the discretion of the School.

If you require further information, please contact the Head of Enrolments, Mrs Odette Perkins, at  or on  02 9473 7300.