Academic Opportunities

Academic Opportunities

Future Problem Solving

Future Problem Solving is a multi-disciplinary creative problem solving activity which requires students in a team of four to consider major issues in a futuristic context. Other aspects of the program are: Community Problem Solving which looks at real problems of today; and Scenario Writing, where students write a short story set at least twenty years into the future. FPS is both a national and international organisation.

University Short Courses

Senior students are offered the opportunity to study a course at either Macquarie University or the University of Sydney.  Students spend time either after school or in their holidays participating in the exciting programs. The universities give students credit towards a later degree.

TAFE and Distance Education Courses 

A range of TAFE vocational education courses can be accessed by students in Years 11 and 12 to contribute to their ROSA and HSC pattern of study.  These courses can lead to the attainment of an industry standard certification whilst completing the Higher School Certificate; some of these courses can also contribute to a student’s ATAR.  Additional language courses and Agricultural Technology are also accessed via Distance Education by some students in the senior years. 


Facetime is a program that we have developed to meet the specific needs of our senior students at Loreto Normanhurst.  The program occurs via a timetabled lesson each fortnight and is delivered largely in the students’ house groups.  The FACETIME curriculum focuses on the development of skills across the range of FACE curriculum areas, including Faith, Academic, Community and Extra-curricular skills.  Some topic areas that are targeted in these sessions include:

  • Learning to learn – using neuroscience and research to develop effective study habits 
  • Wellbeing strategies – health and mental health (developed and delivered by our school counsellors) 
  • Leadership formation 
  • Careers planning – including Q&A sessions with alumni
  • Goal setting 
  • Time management 
  • Building health relationships