Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies

Loreto Normanhurst has a long tradition of integration of technology in the curriculum. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are used extensively at Loreto, with technology available in all learning spaces.

A 1:1 laptop program is in place for Years 7-12 where all students and teachers receive a laptop to enhance and facilitate their teaching and learning.

Learning in the Primary school is enhanced through the use of iPads, which are utilised by teachers and students to access a variety of learning platforms in order to enrich their daily learning experience and develop the students’ skills in digital literacy. 

Loreto Normanhurst provides a wide-range of digital learning platforms to enable collaborative learning and empower students to also work independently.  The Learning Management System utilised across Years 5-12 is Canvas, which is used by all faculties to provide students with the scope and resources for each of their courses, including assessment scheduling and opportunities.  

Loreto’s approach to holistic learning is fully enhanced through the use of learning technologies.  Our aim, in partnership with teachers and parents, is for the students to view ICT as one of many tools to enhance learning and understanding.

Students are supported by teachers and ICT Integrators to help with their individual technology needs and project-based learning. We guide students in their use of their personal learning devices as well as prepare them for life beyond the school gate through developing understanding of their digital footprint, reputation and responsibilities as a digital citizen.

Loreto’s journey with technology in learning has evolved through diligent research and planning, identification of student learning needs and gleaning the wisdom of experienced educators.

ICT Services

The ICT Services team plays a critical role in providing a high standard of access to ICT across the campus. The ICT services team includes an ICT Service Desk for all students and staff to access support with any devices. This includes provisioning of all systems including student email and school portal. The ICT Service Desk is open 8:00am-4:00pm every day the School is open.

Students have excellent access to support for their technology use, and especially in exploring the latest versions of software in the classroom. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their technology needs, especially in diligently asking questions of teachers and the ICT staff for assistance whenever required.

Loreto's approach to holistic learning is fully enhanced through the use of learning technologies.