Sprint Week

Year 10 students were asked what an ideal learning experience would look like.

“We want to work on real world problems that are  personally meaningful and will help us in our chosen career path.”

Design Sprint is a week long learning experience for Year 10 students that pushes them out of their comfort zone so they can feel a real sense of achievement as they work in small teams with the Year 10 Integrated teachers as mentors. 

 Design Sprints are a five day problem solving methodology that originated out of GV. As the venture capital arm, GV invest in and assist companies to help grow their ideas and businesses, aiming to push the bounds of what’s possible. At Loreto Normanhurst, we run multiple Sprints, where the Year 10 cohort simultaneously stepped out of their regular classroom, out of their regular timetable, and into small teams and a brand new problem solving methodology. We invite companies such as Canon Australia and Dyson to work with us to offer an authentic real world Design Sprint process and time spent behind screens is minimised in order to maximise the time spent connecting with one another and placing humans at the centre of the solution.

Educationally, we underpinned Sprint Week with a focus on increasing students ‘creative confidence’ and preparing students for the type of workforce that awaits them. The term ‘creative confidence’ aims to capture the idea that creative ways of thinking and doing can be taught and with sufficient practice, within meaningful environments, we can all act creatively.  Many students will go on to work for companies that need to stay relevant in a dramatically changed landscape. Our students are equipped with the skills to step into the space of creative problem solver, work well in a team,  embrace ambiguity and back their own ideas.

Sprint Week is fast paced, encourages action and experimentation and, importantly, develops tolerance for failure and setbacks.