Annual Giving 2020

Annual Giving 2020

“Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”

For more than 123 years, Loreto Normanhurst has been inspiring in our students a love of learning, and the ability to use their Loreto education creatively, compassionately and courageously throughout their lives. Guided by Mary Ward’s mission to ‘be seekers of truth and doers of justice’, as Loreto people we are constantly striving in pursuit of a just world.

In recent months, we have seen our nation and our world experience confronting, significant events. The ongoing impact of drought, the devastation caused by the bushfires, and the current global pandemic have been challenging for everyone. However, through these events we have been reminded of how interconnected we all are to one another. They have allowed us to fully appreciate what unites us: our common humanity, goodness and kindness.

At Loreto Normanhurst, our mission is to develop independent, articulate and compassionate women of integrity who will respond to the needs of their time and make a difference in the world. The theme of our Music Festival for 2020, traditionally a bursary event, is ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.’ Accordingly, we look to the vision of our founder, Mary Ward, and of Mother Gonzaga Barry – Loreto women who were pioneers in girls’ education. They had incredible foresight and a profound belief in the capacity of women to contribute significantly to society and to our world.

For this year’s Annual Giving, we ask you to join us in continuing to honour their vision by providing the gift of a Loreto education to families in need. We invite you to contribute to creating an environment that both supports a holistic education experience in the spirit of those who have gone before us, and inspires future generations of ‘Loreto Girls’ to come. 

Thank you for your continued support of Loreto Normanhurst.

With best wishes,
Ms Marina Ugonotti


Loreto Normanhurst is a school with a strong Catholic tradition that is founded in hope and love, and formed in our Loreto values of freedom, justice, sincerity, verity and felicity.

The School depends on donations to the Bursary Welfare Fund to provide financial assistance to families in necessitous circumstances. As a member of the Loreto Normanhurst community, you will appreciate the value of a Loreto education. Through your support of the Bursary Welfare Fund, you can help students and families access and continue their Loreto education.

All donations to the Bursary Welfare Fund are tax-deductible.

Click here to give to the 2020 Loreto Normanhurst Annual Giving Campaign – BURSARY WELFARE FUND


Thanks to the vision and generosity of many who have come before us, we are able to enjoy beautiful campus grounds and excellent facilities. Your contribution to the Loreto Normanhurst Building Fund will help to ensure that the School remains at the forefront of educational innovation and excellence, while maintaining our heritage areas which carry over 123 years of stories and memories.

All donations to the Building Fund are tax-deductible.

Click here to give to the 2020 Loreto Normanhurst Annual Giving Campaign – BUILDING FUND

We value your support, and look forward to an exciting future as we continue to provide our students with a holistic education and memories of a nurturing and empowering school experience.

Please direct all Annual Giving Campaign enquiries to Ms Grace Paraino, Dean of Development.


All donations are tax deductible. Receipts will be issued accordingly.


To give online is easy. No registration or login required.

When you click on one of the links below, you will be taken to  the School EasyPay secure website, where you can make your donation online via credit or debit card. 


  1. Simply fill out this payment form.
  2.  Please make your cheque payable to "Loreto Normanhurst" (for donations to the Bursary / Welfare Fund), or to "Loreto Normanhurst Building Fund" (for donations to the Building Fund). 
  3.  Please address your envelope (no stamp required) to:

ATTN: Grace Paraino, Dean of Development, Loreto Normanhurst:

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