Student Representative Council

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council consists of students democratically elected by their peers in Years 8 to 11 of the school. In each House, one student from each year group is elected to the SRC, 24 students in all.

The term of office for the SRC is a full year for all representatives.  The SRC addresses relevant issues and sets achievable goals which support the whole school.

The Loreto Normanhurst SRC is:

  • Educational – students develop skills in leadership and communication
  • Democratic – every student has a voice
  • Responsible – students solve real problems and make real decisions
  • Sharing – students share with the school executive, teachers and the school community in the decision-making
  • Caring – students care about their school and what happens in it and to it
  • Fun and rewarding – students experience enjoyment through successful participation

The SRC will work within the school and the wider community to raise awareness of identified issues within their Year Group, House and School.

The SRC will initiate, plan and conduct activities that may promote;

  • community
  • relationships
  • fitness
  • environment
  • nutrition