Our Board and Leadership


Loreto Normanhurst is a Company Limited by Guarantee. The governance model has the School Board as the governing body and is accountable to the IBVM (Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

The School Board is responsible for good governance to take place for the continuing sustainability of Loreto Normanhurst. They are assisted in these tasks by several committees: the Finance Committee, the Property Committee, and the Bursary Committee. The Principal, while not a member, attends all meetings of the School Board and its committees. The School Board supports the Principal who manages the operations of the school.

Meet our Board

  • Ms Nicole Patterson
  • Mr Steven Iannello
  • Mr Nicholas Eastman
  • Mr Philip Maloney
  • Mrs Lara Thom
  • Mr Damian Boland
  • Professor Miriam Tanti
  • Ms Aylie O’Hanlon
  • Ms Caroline Purtell

Leadership of the School

The School’s strategic direction and overall operations are managed by the Principal and the Leadership Team, which encompasses the following portfolios:

  • Finance
  • IT
  • Human Resources
  • Property
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Advancement
  • Boarding
  • Learning
  • Faith and Identity
  • Pastoral Care

Members of the Leadership Team work alongside our staff to weave a consistent fabric from the many threads and networks of school life, connecting these to the School’s overall direction for the future.

Leadership Team

Marina Ugonotti


Lynn Long

Deputy Principal

Maree Board

Head of Teresa Ball (Head of Primary)

Kate Kovacs

Director of Boarding

Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning

Margurite O'Connor

Director of Faith and Identity

Marysa Boland

Director of Pastoral Care

Sally Munro

Director of Partnerships and Holistic Growth

Danielle Dwyer

Director of Business Services

Diana Zihlmann

Director of People and Culture

David Massa

Director of IT

Clare Friend

Director of Advancement

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