Community and Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care Approach

The 'C' in our FACE Curriculum

At Loreto Normanhurst, we are dedicated to providing a holistic education experience in our Primary School. Our commitment to pastoral care extends beyond the classroom, with the understanding that a supportive environment is essential for our students to thrive.

Our 'It Takes a Village' Program fosters a strong partnership between the School and parents. Through our biannual Holistic and Academic Plenary Meetings with teachers, parents actively engage in their daughter's learning and pastoral development. Our Parent Engagement and Education program offers expert seminars and workshops, creating a collaborative space where parents, teachers, and the school community come together to foster our students' holistic development.

In our Primary School, we uphold the principles of a safe, respectful, and engaging learning community. Our Open Circle Groups, organised vertically with students from Year 5 and 6 from each House group, promote positive relationships built on trust and respect. We encourage our students to achieve their maximum potential, not only academically but also in terms of personal growth, resilience, and creativity. Together with parents, we aim to nurture our students in a harmonious environment where they can better understand and embrace their individuality, challenges, and strengths.

Primary School House System

Loreto Normanhurst is committed to a vertical House structure as the basis for its Pastoral Care. In the Primary School, there are three Houses. They are named after Loreto Sisters who had a strong influence on the culture and direction of Loreto Normanhurst.

Students from Year 5 and 6 will be placed into one of these Houses and vertical pastoral groups will be formed in each House. Within their House, each Year 5 student has a Year 6 buddy who will work with them at Orientation the year prior to them starting at Loreto Normanhurst, and then throughout their first year at the School.


Named after Mother Benedicta Fallon, a founding member of the Loreto community who shared her love of music.


Named after Mother Clare Birrane, a much-loved superior of Loreto Normanhurst over many years.


Named after Mother Dorothea Frizelle, the first Superior of Loreto Normanhurst in 1897.

Open Circle Groups

In the Primary School at Loreto Normanhurst, Open Circle Groups play a vital role in fostering a sense of connection and relationship among Year 5 and 6 students within each House group.

These groups are organised vertically, consisting of students from both years. These groups are instrumental in developing social and emotional skills, improving communication, and supporting overall student wellbeing. By creating a sense of belonging and encouraging meaningful connections, the Open Circle Groups contribute significantly to creating a positive and supportive environment for our students.

Leadership in Primary

Leadership at Loreto Normanhurst has its foundation in the words and example of Jesus Christ. We choose to lead through service to others and work for the common good of the School community.

The Primary School Leadership structure consists of students elected by their school peers in Year 5 and 6. There are two School Leaders and two House Leaders for Benedicta, Clare and Dorothea Houses, and a Liturgy Leader, Social Justice Leader and Activities Leader. The term of office is 12 months.

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