”Loreto Normanhurst allowed me to foster a love of learning, whereby I was encouraged to ask questions and to explore how I learn, not just to learn the content.”

Lara Ciesiolka, Class of 2020

We learn to question the world.

Loreto Normanhurst provides a holistic education in which each student is challenged to develop her curiosity and capacity for self reflection.

A holistic education in accordance with the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model is one that propels students into their futures. It requires them to be active and compassionate community members, to work effectively with peers and teachers, to have a strong faith which guides their decision making and to strive to achieve their personal academic best. This approach delivers outstanding academic outcomes for students, demonstrated in our consistent excellence in HSC results.

We aim to encourage our students to be life-long learners and critical thinkers who take ownership of their education and foster a broad, determined vision for the future.

We are committed to engaging students in an ongoing process of proactive planning for life beyond Loreto Normanhurst through our dedicated Careers department. Our Academic Enrichment program seeks to meet the needs and celebrate the gifts of all students with the help of a Diverse Learning team, Learning Enrichment faculty, Homework Help and Gifted and Talented program.

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Integrated Learning

An integral component of the FACE Curriculum is Integrated Learning where students develop the skills of independent and life-long learning by undertaking learning activities that focus on real-world situations.

This bespoke subject area provides students with the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills while being challenged to devise creative solutions to authentic global problems. Students engage with Integrated Learning from Year 7-10.

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Diverse Learning

"We recognise that each child is unique and has different gifts and abilities, interests and styles of learning. Academic care is central to the education of the girls at Loreto Normanhurst."

Simonetta Cesamolo, Head of Diverse Learning

Hear from Simonetta Cesamolo, Head of Diverse Learning

We seek to nurture the diversity of learners in our community, encouraging each student to fulfill her academic and personal potential in an atmosphere of freedom, care and respect. Our diverse learning approach supports students with the following resources and facilities:

  • Dedicated diverse learning teachers with post-graduate qualifications in Gifted and Special Education.
  • Learning Support Assistants who provide in-class, small group and 1:1 intervention programs.
  • The development of Individual Adjustment Plans for students to adapt teaching, learning and assessment activities as needed.
  • Response to Intervention Approach (RTI) to ensure students achieve academic, social and emotional outcomes.
  • Differentiated curriculum and enrichment opportunities for Gifted and Talented students and High Potential Learners.

A range of support options for students with additional needs, including study support, homework help, evidence-based interventions and diverse HSC pathways.

Learning Support and Academic Opportunities

Our Learning Support and Academic Opportunities programs include:

Our Learning Support and Academic Opportunities programs include:

  • Academic Support classes through a number of programs from Year 7 to 12.
  • Homework Help available most mornings and afternoons.
  • Future Problem Solving.
  • University Short Courses.
  • TAFE and Distance Education Courses.
  • FACETIME program designed for senior students with a focus on skill development.
  • Academic Coaching program offers students the opportunity to work in groups with Academic Coaches after school hours in the development and acquisition of requisite skills in Mathematics and English.

For comprehensive information about our immersions, learning support, academic opportunities and partnership with parents, download our ‘Learning at Loreto’ booklet.

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Career Guidance

We work to provide a suite of activities to inform the girls and give them the confidence and curiosity to make their career decisions.

Alexi Kayes, Careers Advisor

In the Careers department at Loreto Normanhurst, we strive to give students the confidence to discover their passion and purpose, explore the future of work and achieve their after-school goals, whatever they may be.

Highlights of our program include an onsite Careers Expo, LN Careers Week, and our Alumnae Career Chats, when a large group of Year 11 students meet with ex-students to discuss their career path of interest.

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