Loreto Normanhurst provides a holistic education in which a student is challenged to develop her capacity for self reflection as she engages in the learning process. A holistic education is one in which students need to be active community members, to work effectively with peers and teachers, to have a strong faith which guides their decision making and underpins their values and to strive to achieve their personal academic best. It is an education that believes balance between these elements is the key to healthy, productive life

A Loreto Normanhurst education is one in which all elements of FACE (Faith, Academic, Community and Extra Curricular) are present in the education of young people.

An integral component of the FACE Curriculum is Integrated Learning. In Integrated Learning students undertake, through a series of tasks that focus on real world situations, to develop the skills of independent and life-long learning. These skills focus on the effective use of ICT, a range of literacies from word literacy to critical literacy, and the development of EQ skills.

An example of Integrated Learning can be seen through our video that is featured on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) 2030 Future of Education and Skills Project website.  This is a great recognition of how we prepare students for the future by equipping them with a sense of purpose as well as the competencies they need to fulfil their own potential, contribute to the lives of others and help make a better future. 


Students at Loreto Normanhurst develop a love of learning.  They engage with passionate, exemplary teachers who value the learning relationship.  Growth as a whole person is at the core of how a Loreto Normanhurst student is educated.