Faith and Justice

Go and set the world on fire with the love of God.

Teresa Ball IBVM 1794-1861

The 'F' in our FACE Curriculum

As a Mary Ward school in the Ignatian tradition our aim is to educate our students in the Catholic faith, to enable them to develop spiritually, to centre their lives in Jesus and to find God in all things.

This happens through our Religious Education curriculum and through prayer and liturgical experiences as well as through social justice activities.

Students are provided with daily opportunities for prayer and reflection. These include our pause for prayer at midday as well as classroom-centred prayer and meditation. We celebrate liturgically the major celebrations and seasons of the Church year and significant events in the School community. Students take part in some of our whole-school liturgies as well as having regular opportunities to prepare and lead class and Primary School liturgies.

Students are guided into understanding and living our Loreto values of Freedom, Justice, Sincerity, Felicity and Verity, so that they may learn to make good choices and develop strong relationships. Our students are encouraged to be of service to others and they are provided with opportunities to participate and take leadership in social justice initiatives.

Loreto Normanhurst.
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