Boarding FAQs


Boarding FAQs

Who boards at Loreto Normanhurst?

How many boarders are there?

How does Loreto Normanhurst integrate girls into the boarding experience?

When do most new boarders start?

How will I find my way around the boarding school and day school when I arrive?

What happens if a boarder is sick?

What about if my daughter needs to see a specialist such as a physio or orthodontist?

What about technology?

What will my daughter do on the weekend?

How does Leave work?

Can my daughter take leave whenever she wants?

Are there lounge rooms for the boarders to gather?

How does the food service work?

What is the food like?

How do Boarders do their laundry?

Who supports the Boarders academically and pastorally?

What if my daughter is coming from a smaller school and may require help with adjusting to the academic work load?

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