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Together we foster a strong and interconnected community at Loreto Normanhurst.

At Loreto Normanhurst, the strength of our community lies at the heart of our identity, serving to bind us together and extending its influence to strengthen the wider community. Our school is a vibrant tapestry woven from the rich diversity of families hailing from various corners of Sydney, throughout New South Wales, across Australia, and from overseas. Through shared values, collaborative efforts, and a commitment to nurturing each other, we not only cultivate a sense of belonging within our school but also actively contribute to the broader societal fabric. Our commitment to fostering a strong and interconnected community at Loreto Normanhurst is further exemplified through a myriad of events designed to bring together students, staff, parents, alumnae, and other stakeholders. By actively engaging our community through our diverse events, we not only celebrate our differences but also emphasise the importance of collaboration, empathy, and mutual support. The strength of our community at Loreto Normanhurst radiates outward, leaving a positive impact on the world beyond our school gates.


We hold a myriad of events designed to bring together students, staff, parents, alumnae, and other stakeholders.


Our Priority Giving Programs enable donors and their families to make a lasting impact on the lives of many young women now and forever.


Our alumnae play an indispensable role in shaping our legacy by contributing their invaluable expertise, passion, and commitment to the enduring growth and development of our school.


Our vibrant community consistently unites with enthusiasm and shared spirit, coming together to joyously celebrate the achievements, traditions, and collective pride of our school.

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70 Years of the Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Chapel

5 Min Read

Loreto Normanhurst's 125 Years Cookbook AVAILABLE NOW

5 Min Read

Go Normo! - Good luck to our alumnae Olympians

5 Min Read

Normo dads celebrate at our inaugural Normo Sportsmen's Lunch

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