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Year 5 and 6

If I had to describe Loreto in three words, I would describe it as welcoming, inclusive and exciting!

The Teresa Ball Primary Centre welcomes girls in Year 5 and 6. We currently have three classes for both Year 5 and 6.

With strong pastoral care and supportive learning structures, our Primary School is a nurturing place where students are engaged in an exciting learning journey with their teachers and peers. The Primary School staff are passionate about creating a learning environment that is dynamic, engaging and joyful and responds to every girl’s academic, social, spiritual and emotional needs.

Working in collaborative classroom spaces and using innovative learning technologies provides our students with an experience that will allow for a smooth transition into the Secondary School.

Est. 2015

The Teresa Ball Primary Centre re-opened in 2015


Over 150 students make up our Primary cohort


Six classes, with three classes in each Year 5 and Year 6


Over 50 + Extra Curricular opportunities

From the Head of Teresa Ball

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Primary Year 5-6

Choosing Loreto Normanhurst means selecting a transformative education that transcends the ordinary.

  • Small class sizes
  • All girls’ education
  • Strong focus on pastoral care and relationships
  • Early introduction to our Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model
  • Broad range of holistic learning experiences
  • Consistently strong academic results from girls starting in Year 5, evidenced by Secondary School results
  • Extended Day program
Small class sizes

At the Teresa Ball Primary Centre we prioritise an intimate and supportive learning environment through small class sizes. This allows for presonalised attention, fostering strong teacher-student relationships and creating an atmosphere conducive to your daughters' individualised learning experience.

All girls’ education

Our commitment to providing an all-girls' education stems from the belief that it cultivates a unique and empowering environment. In this setting, young women at Loreto Normanhurst are encouraged to excel academically, embrace leadership opportunities, and build lifelong friendships in a supportive community.

Strong focus on pastoral care and relationships

Loreto Normanhurst places a strong emphasis on pastoral care, ensuring the well-being and personal development of every student. Our dedicated pastoral care programs aim to create a supportive community where students feel valued, understood, and equipped to navigate the challenges of adolescence.

Early introduction to our Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model

From the outset, students at Loreto Normanhurst are introduced to our renowned Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model, the cornerstone of our unique approach to holistic education. The LNSGM transfers to our FACE curriculum, which places equal value on Faith, Academic, Community and Extra Curricular in the life of each student, driving confidence and independence.

Broad range of holistic learning experiences

We are proud of our varied and unique offerings in the primary school, designed to foster leadership and communication skills, resilience and creativity in our students. For instance, our Kitchen Garden Club allows girls to immerse themselves in hands-on experiences, cultivating their own herbs and vegetables, fostering a connection to nature. Simultaneously, the Social Justice Club actively engages students in fundraising and awareness-raising initiatives, instilling a sense of social responsibility. Our Frangipani Fair sees Year 6 share their entrepreneurial spirit, and our Robotics program and Year 5 Science Fair encourage proficiency and confidence in STEM

Consistently strong academic results from girls starting in Year 5, evidenced by Secondary School results

Our commitment to academic excellence begins early, with girls starting in Year 5 consistently achieving strong academic results in Secondary School. This success is a testament to our rigorous curriculum, dedicated teaching staff and the nurturing learning environment we provide.

Extended Day program

This optional after-hours study program for girls in Year 5 - 8 has been designed to meet the needs of families, while also improving individual student growth. Research shows that routine supervised study time improves student learning outcomes, particularly when students are supported by adults with knowledge of the curriculum demands in school.

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