The 'E' in our FACE Curriculum

Extra-Curricular Activities

Loreto Normanhurst prides itself on being a school where all students can find a way to succeed in one or many areas.

Extra-curricular participation is a fundamental element of the FACE Curriculum (Faith, Academic, Community, Extra-curricular) inspiring students and assisting them in developing lifelong skills. We offer an extensive Extra-Curricular Program which equips our students with the ability to be innovative, creative, resilient and empathetic and teaches them leadership skills, the value of teamwork and how to deal with challenges and failure. This attitude of lifelong learning is key to the ethos of the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM).

Every Loreto Normanhurst student is encouraged to pursue a variety of extra-curricular activities throughout their school years from competitive sport, dance, music ensembles and choirs, STEM initiatives, creative arts and drama activities, debating and public speaking, and other special interest clubs. These pursuits enable students to be part of a group or team, interacting with others who have similar interests and fostering relationships beyond their usual domain.

All Loreto Normanhurst students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. In addition to building skills within a specific discipline, extracurricular involvement cultivates ‘soft skills’ such as greater confidence in performing or speaking in public, time management, resilience and teamwork.

Primary School students may take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities at Loreto Normanhurst. The staff, who lead these activities, are passionate in their approach and eager to support the students.

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