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A Day in the Life of a Boarder

Watch our Year 12 Student, Clare, share what the day in the life of a Loreto Normanhurst boarder is like.

A typical day in boarding...

Starts with breakfast which is served from 6:30am in the Boarders' Dining Room.

After breakfast, boarders might have sport training, or head off to school early to catch up with their friends, call home to talk to family, or take the opportunity for a walk on the oval with friends.

At recess and lunch, boarders collect their meals from the Boarding School and head outside to enjoy time with their friends.

After school is finished for the day...

Boarders enjoy sport training, recreation or extra-curricular activities.

They may also attend appointments, spend time in the Common Rooms with their peers, or head to the Library to start their homework.

Dinner is served from 5:30pm - 6:30pm and boarders eat together at vertical dinner tables with other boarders from Year 7 - 12.

Supervised study occurs after dinner for all boarders from Monday to Thursday evening, and across the weekend for boarders who are onsite.

Leisure time is allocated for catching up with friends before bedtime, calling home and getting ready for the next day at school.

Weekends are a relaxed time for boarders...

There is a range of flexible options for leave across the weekend and if staying onsite, boarders have a variety of recreation and study options.

After lunch on Saturday, boarders can enjoy the expansive grounds and sporting facilities of the School. There is an organised activity program for the younger boarders on Sunday with the option for older boarders to join in if they would like to.

One Community Weekend each Term provides a variety of social and emotional opportunities, life skill programs, age relevant activities and local community events that encourage boarders to get out and about and enjoy what is on offer close to home. All boarders remain onsite for the whole weekend and this also assists them get to know all the members of the boarding community as well as use their leadership skills and creativity.

The week begins with mass...

On Sunday night all boarders are back in the Boarding School by 6:30pm.

The Boarders have the opportunity to be part of and lead the mass through the Chapel Ensemble, prayer, reading and serving. For the year 12 boarders they may choose to become Eucharistic Ministers.

Accommodation and Facilities

  • Safe and secure environment.
  • Year 7 and 8 share two large dormitories and enjoy the benefits of communal living and relationship building.
  • Year 9 are in rooms of 2, 3 or 4.
  • Year 10-12 enjoy single rooms.
  • Communal lounge areas.
  • Boarders’ Dining Room.
  • Boarders enjoy after-hours and weekend access to school facilities such as the aquatic centre, gym, tennis courts, and oval.
  • The Mary Ward Health Centre provides boarders with access to onsite nurses and counsellors.


  • Dietician approved, well balanced menu prepared by professional caterer seven days a week.
  • A new menu is provided each term.
  • Breakfast and dinner is served in the Boarders’ Dining Room.
  • Boarders collect recess and lunch and eat with their friends during the week.
  • Afternoon tea and snacks are available from the common areas.


  • A vibrant and active Boarder Parent Committee
  • Boarder Main Event – a fantastic night for all the family
  • Welcome drinks for families at the beginning of the year
  • Events for new families
  • Boarding School Expos, Road Trips and other social events in regional towns

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