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Specialist Squads for Swimming Success

At LN Swimming, we are dedicated to helping you or your swimmer excel in swimming. We offer an all year round, 6 days a week, squad program for Loreto Normanhurst students and both male and female swimmers from the local community. Swimmers are welcome to join at any time throughout the year.

Our program caters for all swimmers ranging from stroke development, through to athletes competing at National level.

To arrange an assessment, bookings or for further information on any of the programs available at Loreto, please contact Loreto Normanhurst Swimming.

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Join the thriving Loreto Normanhurst Swimming Club! We invite swimmers from all streams to join our passionate and welcoming community.

Enjoy regular Friday Night races throughout the year, fostering community and honing racing skills. The club also competes at various carnivals throughout the year.

Club swimming is a great way to embrace community while investing in improvement, friendship, and fun!


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Dive into success with our specialised Squad Program!

Squad Program

Our squad program offers options for swimmers at all levels and is aimed to support each swimmer’s development.

Development Stream

Our stroke development squads take swimmers from ‘Learn to Swim’ and guide them to becoming confident squad members. There is a focus on technique and stroke development for all strokes, as well as turns, finishes and dives.

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Competitive Stream

For those aiming to compete, our competitive stream squads prepare swimmers for swimming events. Whether it is your first swim meet, or you are competing at the State and National level, our program provides a holistic approach combining pool, dry land training and sport science to prepare our athletes for peak performance.

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Fitness Stream

For those seeking to maintain fitness without competing, our Fitness Squads are the perfect choice.

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Meet our Head Coach

Michael Jacobs

Michael brings a wealth of experience to Loreto Normanhurst Swimming, having over 10 years of coaching in the development of athletes ranging from early Junior Development to National and State Age Champions.

Michael has proven experience using a holistic approach to plan and monitor swimming performance in both team and individual athletes. He holds an ASCTA Silver Coaching Licence, ASCA Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Licence, Bachelor's Degree in Science & Education, and a Masters in Sports Coaching.

Michael has coached at several Premier Clubs in NSW and has been fortunate to work with multiple Australian Junior, and Senior Swimming Team members, as well as multiple NSW Swimming teams.

He leads a team of highly experienced and passionate Swim Coaches to ensure all athletes at Loreto Normanhurst Swimming are empowered to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

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