Secondary Years 7–12

For generations of young women, here
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In our Secondary School, we are proud to draw from more than 125 years of experience in educating young women of grit, optimism and integrity for learning and pastoral care through our award-winning Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM) for learning and pastoral care.

Day and boarding students in Year 7 to 12 have access to our flexible learning spaces, innovative resources and unique learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, including our Year 8 Songlines and Year 9 Far North Queensland Experiences, Year 7 to 10 Integrated Learning, annual whole-school Music Festival, a range of sports and extra-curricular opportunities, tailored camp experiences and retreats and more.

Our dedicated staff bring a diverse range of expertise and attentiveness to the individual needs of each student. We know that relationships are of utmost importance to student growth, and we prioritise the formation of an active and inspiring community of faith and social justice.

The success of our holistic model for education is proven by our consistent excellence in overall HSC results.

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Est. 1897

Loreto Normanhurst is an independent, Catholic, day and boarding school for girls in Year 5-12.


Approximately 1200 students make up our Primary and Secondary cohort.


Boarders from Year 7–12 from the Sydney Basin, Country NSW, interstate and overseas.


Our staff are leaders and innovators in their fields who inspire our students every day.

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Secondary Year 7 - 12

  • All girls' education
  • Secondary at a glance
  • Award-winning Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM)
  • Proven success of our learning model
  • Immersive learning
  • Strong focus on pastoral care and relationships
  • Extra-curricular opportunities
All girls' education

Our commitment to providing an all-girls' education stems from the belief that it cultivates a unique and empowering environment. In this setting, young women at Loreto Normanhurst are encouraged to excel academically, embrace leadership opportunities, and build lifelong friendships in a supportive community.

Secondary at a glance

In our Secondary School we are proud to draw from more than 125 years of experience in educating young women of grit, optimism and integrity through our award-winning Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model for learning and pastoral care.

Year 7: Develop independence and friendship during the transition to secondary school.

Year 8: Think critically and collaborate through Integrated Learning.

Year 9: Experience learning beyond the classroom with the Far North Queensland Experience.

Year 10: Tackle real-world problems during Sprint Week.

Year 11: Step up as leaders of social justice through Loreto Day initiatives.

Year 12: Draw from holistic experiences to prepare for life beyond Loreto Normanhurst.

Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM)

A holistic education in accordance with the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model is one that propels students into their futures. It emphasises collaboration, creative and critical thinking, digital capabilities, adaptability and independence. The cornerstone of the LNSGM is the FACE Curriculum, which places equal importance on the holistic development of each student across Faith, Academic, Community and Extra-curricular.

Proven success of our learning model

Our HSC results stand as a testament to the efficacy of our learning model, consistently showcasing the exceptional achievement of our students in shaping well-rounded young women ready to create global change.

Immersive learning

An integral element of the LNSGM is our comprehensive Formation and Immersion Program. All students from Year 7 to 12 engage in key events every year designed to:

  • Challenge students at a level appropriate to their age group.
  • Provide opportunity for spiritual formation.
  • Reinforce experiences through evaluation and self-reflection.
  • Guide students in putting their learnings into action.
Strong focus on pastoral care and relationships

The aim of our strong Pastoral Carre program in the Day and Boarding Schools is to know and guide each student to develop optimism, initiative, resilience, confidence and sound judgement in a supportive and connected educational environment.

Extra-curricular opportunities

Loreto Normanhurst prides itself on being a school where all students can find a way to succeed and shine in one or many areas. We have an extensive extra-curricular program which equips our students with the ability to be innovative, creative and empathetic and teaches them the vlaue of teamwork and how to deal with failure.

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