New Boarding School 2025

Our new home
away from home

The vision for our new Boarding School is a lively home away from home containing a variety of spaces that set the stage for the rhythms of boarding life.

Drawing on our 125-year history of boarding education, we are proud to channel our rich boarding legacy into a new forward-thinking facility equipped to meet the diverse needs of the contemporary boarding community. This innovative space will be located on Mount Pleasant Avenue, and will span four levels, cascading down the slope beside the gymnasium. It will have an outlook across the oval and to the bush beyond.

The new purpose-built Boarding School will deliver increased student accommodation, flexible communal spaces, updated accommodation for boarding staff and will reflect the school’s vision to create a modern, accessible and ecologically sustainable home for boarding students. Its design will enrich the friendships, educational opportunities and experiences available to students and all members of our community.

We anticipate the Boarding School will open in 2025.

Creating a new home for our boarders

As we boldly look to the future, we know that what has been right for boarding for the last 125 years, may not be for the next 125 years.

Our new state-of-the-art Boarding School has been designed with the needs of current and future Loreto Normanhurst boarders in mind and ensures we can continue on our mission to shape women for our times.

Marina Ugonotti
Loreto Normanhurst Principal

Repurposing the current Boarding School

The expanded facilities will position areas of the Boarding School as a resource for everyone in the school.

The repurposing of our Heritage 1897 building and the surrounding buildings which make up our current Boarding School, will be repurposed to create flexible teaching and learning spaces to support innovation in our curriculum, as well as for collaboration, recreation and staff spaces in our Secondary school.

This is one other way in which the construction of a new Boarding School will enhance the education opportunities for all students.

Our Master Plan

The 30-year Master Plan aims to improve access, movement and spatial relationships throughout the school, both addressing the school's future growth and honouring our tradition and values. The building of the new Loreto Normanhurst Boarding School is part of our 30-year plan.

Support Us

We invite you to contribute to the future of our students and our community. You may like to donate to the Building Fund to support our Master Plan, including the development of our new Boarding School.

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