First Loreto. Then the world.

The best thing about boarding is always being with your friends... they make you feel like you’re at home.

Boarding at Loreto Normanhurst offers a truly unique experience. The laughter, joy and excitement in the corridors and dorms is reflective of the friendships and connections that are formed between our girls and the care and compassion they offer one another.

As a Loreto Normanhurst Boarder, your daughter will build a network of friends from around the state, nation and world. Our families come from all over Sydney and regional NSW, interstate and overseas destinations, and they bring a wealth of cultural and diverse family experiences to our community. Boarding provides programs and activities, options and possibilities, which foster good relationships – big sisters, mentors and modelled leadership. Together with our families, the individual interests, pursuits and goals of our boarders are encouraged and accommodated.


We have over 200 boarders from Year 7 to 12.


Our exceptional school facilities are available to Boarders after school hours.


Support for health concerns and counselling attention.


Annual boarding events including Commitment Weekends and Sunday Evening Mass.


Together we rise.

Loreto Normanhurst.
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