“Loreto Normanhurst has been a boarding school since we opened in 1897,” says principal Ms Marina Ugonotti. “Parents have told us there is a sense of friendliness, of home; that there’s something really special here.”

Our boarders add a unique dimension to our wonderful school and are a vibrant and integral part of the Loreto Normanhurst community.

Loreto Normanhurst was established in 1897 as a Boarding School, to make it possible for generations of country girls to obtain an education.  Now home to more than 150 girls, the Boarding School is set within 13.5 hectares of beautiful gardens, ovals and bushland close to the exits for the M1, M2 and M7 motorways.

The bonds of friendship in the Boarding School are strong and lifelong.   Our boarders are encouraged to participate to the fullest extent of school life, to discover their gifts and to take advantage of every opportunity for personal growth.  The boarding community is close and has a strong sense of identity and connection with the school. In this sense the Boarding School is the ‘heart of the school’. 

“The thing I love most about being a boarder at Loreto is the strong sense of community that it brings. It is a homely and close environment where I am able to reach my full potential while being surrounded by the support of my closest friends and boarding staff. Boarding at Loreto has provided me with countless opportunities that I otherwise would not have access to.”

Ella, 2019 Boarder Captain

Who boards at Loreto?

The Boarding School welcomes students from the Sydney basin, country NSW, interstate and Australian expatriate families. Loreto Normanhurst offers full-time boarding, with full flexibility on weekends. For country and city-boarders alike, this means boarding all week with greater access to weekend time with family and friends. This model of boarding can also take some of the pressure off busy family life and help students meet their academic and extra-curricular commitments.

Jayda is from Sydney and boards with Loreto Normanhurst for the convenience and flexibility.

“I save more than two hours a day in travel time, which has allowed me to be more involved at school. I have been able to get more work done than ever before and if I’m stuck on anything there are 30 other girls in my year or tutors who can help me. I love being part of such a strong community. I have made so many friendships, which I will treasure forever. The support and genuine care the boarders have for each other is so special.”

Boarders can participate in every aspect of the extra-curricular life of the school, encouraging further the bonds of friendship outside of the Boarding School and the development of each girl.  There is a high rate of participation in a wide variety of sports, in the creative and performing arts, in debating and oratory and many more of the activities which the school offers.

A well organised, stable and caring environment characterises our boarding school, where all staff work in partnership with parents to make the most of the boarding experience offered at Loreto Normanhurst.  

“Being a boarder at Loreto Normanhurst has opened a world of opportunities and allowed me to grow as an individual in a supportive and loving community. The friends I have made during my time boarding at Loreto have become my sisters and I will forever cherish our memories together.”

Lara, Boarder

Boarders feel that they…

  • Have amazing opportunities for social, emotional and academic growth.
  • Add a unique dimension to the school.
  • Are an integral part of the school.
  • Are supported to develop into independent, mature, creative and confident young women.
  • Are provided with opportunities to spread their wings, take risks and learn new things.

Year 7 and 8 Recreation Program

The Boarding School provides a diverse and interesting range of activities for the students on a Sunday to assist them become confident in their travels around Sydney.  In the company of the Coordinators they experience a range of activities including theatre visits, rock climbing, ice skating, picnics in the Botanical Gardens, movies, cultural lunches and Taronga Zoo.  The girls develop their skills for planning a trip to a variety of locations around Sydney.

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