'A' in our FACE Curriculum

An Award-winning Model of Education

Our award-winning model of education, the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM), is introduced to our Primary girls from Year 5.

  • Students actively engage in and take responsibility for their own learning.
  • The classroom is a vibrant learning environment where curiosity and excitement about learning is encouraged.
  • Each student is challenged to think critically and reach beyond where she thought possible, considering real world problems and using technology innovatively.

Students are provided with opportunities to encourage the development of key learning skills including collaboration, resilience and reflection, allowing them to grow in their ability to embrace new ideas and challenges.

Specialist Primary Educators

Students will benefit from the expertise and experience of Primary educators who will promote curiosity and a love of learning.

Primary Curriculum

Primary School students will engage in a range of learning activities that will develop their knowledge and understanding of the Key Learning Areas of the Stage 3 curriculum including English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History, Geography, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education and the Creative Arts. All Loreto Normanhurst students will also participate in Religious Education and thus gain an appreciation for the Catholic and specifically Loreto traditions of the School.

Partnering with Parents

Holistic and Academic Plenaries are meetings between parents, their daughter and her teacher. These meetings across all subject areas occur twice a year and are designed to engage students in reflection of their own learning process, encouraging student independence, sound communication skills, and positive relationships, while allowing parents to engage with their daughters' academic progress and wellbeing.

Access to Secondary School Facilities and Specialised Teaching

Primary students take advantage of superior facilities to engage in authentic learning opportunities that being part of a Year 5-12 school offers. The learning experience is enriched as students share the expertise of specialist teachers for Music, Visual Arts, Languages (Chinese, French and Italian), and Physical Education.

Proven Success of our Learning Model

Students from Loreto Normanhurst achieve outstanding academic results. To find out more about our inspiring 2023 HSC results, view the document to the right. Students who join Loreto Normanhurst in Year 5 achieve higher NAPLAN results than the total cohort.

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