'Embracing Loreto Normanhurst's rich history and culture': Year 7 Traditioning Day 2023

Year 7 students at Loreto Normanhurst learn about the school's history, culture, and traditions through Traditioning Day, embracing the Ignatian spiritual principle of 'Finding God in all things.'

Year 7 students embraced their Traditioning Day at the end of their first full week at Loreto Normanhurst. The purpose of this day is to introduce the students to the rich history and culture that defines the Loreto Normanhurst community. Through a series of activities and experiences, the students were able to gain a deeper understanding of who they are as members of this community and how the traditions of the school have evolved over time.

At the heart of the Loreto Normanhurst community is the Ignatian spiritual principle of ' Finding God in all things ,' which was first articulated by Mary Ward, the founder of the Institute who established the first Loreto school. This principle is expressed not only in the teachings of the school, but also in the personal practices and writings of Mary Ward herself. The students were introduced to Mary Ward, as well as other key figures in the history of the school, including Gonzaga Barry and the first sisters who travelled with her to Australia.

Throughout the day, the students participated in various activities that helped them to connect with the traditions and rituals of the school. They visited the Bush Cemetery, where many important pioneering Loreto sisters are buried, and learned about the school's archives, which contain a wealth of artifacts from old school uniforms to sporting trophies. In addition, the students collaborated on a group art project that allowed them to express their own unique understanding of the Loreto Normanhurst community.

Overall, the Traditioning Day was an important part of the Year 7 Formation Program and the Mary Ward Open Circle Experience. Through this day, the students were able to deepen their understanding of the school's history and traditions , and to begin to develop a sense of their own place within this rich and vibrant community.

Y7 Traditioning Day 2023