Pioneering Social Justice: Unleashing Impactful Initiatives at Loreto Normanhurst

Experience the power of social justice at Loreto Normanhurst by exploring our students' remarkable initiatives, paving the way for positive change in our local and global communities.

National Reconciliation Week holds immense significance not only across Australia but also within the Loreto Normanhurst school community. It serves as a time of reflection, learning, and celebration as we join hands with the rest of the nation in acknowledging the importance of reconciliation. This year, our students have embraced the theme of "Be a Voice for Generations," which calls upon all Australians to honour the efforts of past generations who fought for justice in our country. It encourages us to be courageous and work collectively to address the ongoing challenges and unfinished business of reconciliation, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

National Sorry Day, is a significant day in our country that marks the beginning of National Reconciliation Week. On this occasion, we take time to remember and acknowledge the mistreatment of First Nations peoples throughout the years. It serves as a moment to acknowledge the strength and resilience of Stolen Generations Survivors, whose stories inspire us to be agents of healing and change. At Loreto Normanhurst, we deeply embed the meaning of this day and the week that follows into our curriculum, recognising it as vital learning for our students. Furthermore, we ensure that these events provide a platform to honour the invaluable contributions of First Nations culture to our Australian identity and history.

In marking Reconciliation Week, it also serves as a time for us to celebrate the interconnectedness of our shared histories, cultures, and achievements. Within our curriculum, we have woven the significance of this week, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among our students. Our Primary and Secondary Choirs resonated with the captivating rhythms of a beautiful Torres Strait Islander song called 'sesere eeye,' immersing themselves in the melodies that honour Indigenous cultures. Moreover, all our students actively engaged in awareness-raising activities that promote cultural appreciation and healing. They also embarked on a journey of learning the Dhrug language, recognising the importance of language preservation within our own country.

In addition to our commitment to National Reconciliation Week, we recently celebrated Loreto Day on Friday, 2 June. This year, Year 11 students raised funds for an inspiring initiative known as Landing Pad. This initiative, driven by Loreto Sister Monica Suchiang in collaboration with Mary Ward International Australia, strives to end period poverty in India. The project aims to equip 5,000 adolescent girls and women with sanitary pads, providing them with crucial training on usage and imparting knowledge about health, hygiene, and menstruation. This project encompasses the purchase of raw materials for sanitary pad production and the adoption of best practices in local manufacturing through the Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre (KMWSC). Raising awareness stands as a fundamental aspect of this initiative, focusing on eliminating the social stigma surrounding menstruation and promoting reproductive health education.

We invite you to explore more about the remarkable social justice initiatives undertaken by our students at Loreto Normanhurst. Their unwavering passion, dedication, and commitment to creating positive change within our local and global communities exemplify the spirit that defines our school. Together, we strive to be voices for justice, reconciliation, and equality. To read more about our students' initiatives, please click here .